Call For Lithuania Participants

Youth hackers kit Project in Estonia

Country: Estonia

Date: December 4 – 12

“Hopes, fears and contributions”, “fruit salad”, “mission impossible”, “speed dating”, “killer’s game”… Does that sound familiar?

The more active you become in the Erasmus+ world, the more you see how certain activities are being repeated from one project to another. It’s okay, if such approach fits the profile of participants, but what if it’s just another copy-paste without any analysis of the target group? Such attitude often results in poorly managed Erasmus+ mobilities, which could be handled much better, if real needs and accuracy of the methodology would be assessed before. Our TC “YoutHacker’s kit” comes with the main aim to encourage new generation of youth work practioners to reconsider working schedules of Erasmus+ projects built upon old-fashioned and less effective methods. If you also prize high quality and strong impact of your activities – Welcome aboard!

The age of the participants: 18+ years old

Accommodation during the project will be free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return

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