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Erasmus+ Youth Exchange: on Political topic

CALL FOR LATVIA!!! ?? <br>?Venue: Sinaia, Romania <br>?Date: 8 - 14 December, 2023 <br>?Erasmus+ Youth Exchange: on Political topic <br>?Travel expense reimbursement: 275 EUR <br>♦️Apply: <br>?You can apply if you are from LATVIA (live, study or work in Latvia) <br>✅ Aims: <br>?Foster Youth Leadership in the Post-Pandemic Era. To empower and equip young individuals in the EU with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to emerge as effective leaders within their communities and broader civic life, taking into consideration the unique challenges posed by the post-pandemic environment. <br>?Promote Cross-Border Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing. To facilitate collaboration and the exchange of best practices among the participating countries by bringing together young volunteers to discuss and learn from each other, thereby strengthening the bonds between youth and promoting intercultural understanding. <br>?Enhance Civic Participation and Engagement Among Youth. To increase youth participation and engagement in civic activities, ultimately contributing to the development of active, informed, and responsible citizens who are more deeply involved in shaping the future of their communities and the EU as a whole. <br>NGO RASIO “Perspektiva”

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