Finderasmus DMCA Policy
Copyright Infringement Claims Policy
Finderasmus ("We," "Our," or "Our Site") is committed to respecting the rights of copyright owners. Therefore, we respect the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") and other relevant laws.
Finderasmus follows a strict policy regarding copyright infringement claims made by users of our site. We comply with the conditions specified by copyright owners and respond promptly.
Finderasmus users or copyright owners may submit copyright infringement claims to us with an official DMCA notice. A DMCA notice should include the following information:
An electronic or physical signature of the copyright owner or their representative, claiming infringement.Clear identification of the work or material that is allegedly infringed.The URL or other identifying information of the material that has been infringed.Contact information of the party making the claim (email address, phone number, or mailing address).Explanation of the material being infringed and sufficient information on why the material is protected by copyright owner or their representative.Response and Removal
Finderasmus reviews any DMCA notice received and takes action as necessary. In compliance with our DMCA policy, we handle copyright infringement claims accurately. The material that is allegedly infringed will be removed or access will be blocked in accordance with legal procedures and obligations.
Finderasmus users have the right to respond to copyright infringement claims, and we will review any objections. However, the responding user must comply with the requirements of the copyright owner and our DMCA policy.
Objections and Contact Information
To object to Finderasmus's DMCA policy or to communicate regarding DMCA notices, you may use the following contact information:
legal@finderasmus.comThis DMCA Policy reflects Finderasmus's commitment to addressing copyright infringement claims. Finderasmus reserves the right to update or change this policy at any time.Last updated: 10/26/2023