Last updated: 07/10/2023

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Membership to the Finderasmus platform is free and will remain free.

Definitions and Scope:

This Terms of Use and Privacy Policy governs the use of Finderasmus, a fully digital platform provided by Finderasmus (MB KODVALLEY). The platform brings together organizers and participants, functioning as a social media platform.

User Rights and Responsibilities:

Users are flexible in using our system. Additional fees are required for certain features available in our system. We commit to providing these services to them seamlessly and without interruptions.

Privacy and Security:

User information is stored without being shared with third parties in accordance with legal permissions at European standards. Users can download or permanently delete their information at any time in compliance with the GDPR Law.

Users commit to using FINDERASMUS only for lawful and personal purposes, and they will not engage in any activities that violate the rights of third parties. The legal and criminal liabilities for their actions and deeds within FINDERASMUS are their own. FINDERASMUS has no direct and/or indirect liability for any damages incurred or potentially incurred by third parties due to these actions and deeds.

FINDERASMUS may contain hyperlinks to other websites, applications, and platforms operated by third parties with content unknown to us. FINDERASMUS only provides access to these sites and does not accept any responsibility for their content.

While we strive to keep FINDERASMUS virus-free, we cannot guarantee that it is completely free of viruses. Therefore, it is the responsibility of users to take necessary precautions against viruses or any harm that may arise from malicious programs, codes, or materials during data downloads.

We do not guarantee that there will be no defects or errors in the services provided by FINDERASMUS or that the services will be uninterrupted. We reserve the right to terminate your access to FINDERASMUS and services or any part of the site at any time without prior notice.

Limitation of Liability:

Our liability for damages arising from the use of FINDERASMUS is limited to intent and gross negligence. The total compensation that can be claimed for damages resulting from a breach of the contract is limited to foreseeable damages. The aforementioned limitations of liability are also not applicable in the case of loss of human life, bodily injury, or harm to a person's health. In cases legally considered force majeure, we will not be liable for any compensation due to delay, non-performance, or default.

Pricing and Payment Terms:

Membership is completely free. However, a subscription is required to use additional options on our platform. You can visit our Payment page for pricing policy.

Invoice details are provided in a digital format. For the refund policy, to request a refund for a purchase made for store products on this platform, you need to send an email to "" from the email account you used on the purchasing platform within 24 hours from the purchase date. Refunds can only be made under the following circumstances (and when):

The physical product is faulty.
The product is returned in perfect condition physically.
Instructions on how and where to return the product will be provided after contacting our support email. The subject of the email should be "Refund Request." The eligibility of the refund will be evaluated in compliance with EU regulations.

Cancellation and Termination:

Subscription plans can be cancelled at any time. From that moment, the subscription will end instantly with all privileges and premium features, and no additional fees will be applied. Refund of only the latest payment is possible by contacting our support email if you have not benefited from any of the features provided by such a subscription. The subject of the email should be "Subscription Cancellation Request." The eligibility of the refund will be evaluated in compliance with EU regulations.

User Behaviors and Prohibitions:

Users will be permanently banned if they engage in undesired behaviors such as fake behavior, fake applications, fake projects, and false information.

In case of misuse of our service, actions will be taken within the framework set by the laws.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Finderasmus is an original idea created by KODVALLEY.

Dispute Resolution:

In resolving any disputes arising from the application or interpretation of this Agreement, the laws of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply; the Courts and Bailiffs of Vilnius shall have jurisdiction.

Contact Information:

Address: Vilnius, Laisvės pr. 60-1107