About Finderasmus
Finderasmus is a platform shaped by social media interaction. Organizers can create their projects, while participants can build their profiles by adding their CVs and certificates to apply for these projects. Additionally, users can create blogs, ask questions in forums, and access Erasmus-related pages and groups. Finderasmus provides extensive opportunities for social interaction and project management, enriching the Erasmus experience

Who are we?
Finderasmus is an original idea brought forward by young people who are passionate about erasmus, bringing partners and participants together.
Membership to the Finderasmus platform is free and will remain free.
There are monthly subscription types to upgrade membership to use various tools available within the platform.
Advertising within the platform
Activating extra modules on the platform
* Proof module (Providing evidence to national agencies that the project has been carried out)
* Continuing the project within Finderasmus by influencing groups with the project
* Activating my special section (Personalized projects)
* Artificial intelligence module
* Group modules (Gossib box, Secret friend)
Finderasmus is an impressive tool for people and institutions interested in applying for free mobility projects, creating, finding partners, managing their work, sharing, recording memories and presenting their projects to leading project creators such as national agencies in an easy, flexible and comfortable way.
Finderasmus is the first and only platform that provides support to Participants and Organizers with API and artificial intelligence modules!


Who/What is Finderasmus?

FindErasmus supports and pioneers everything done in the Erasmus world. FindErasmus does not hesitate to sponsor projects that it deems necessary and for the advancement of the Digital world.

Do I have to pay?

You can get detailed information with the information provided in the infopack by the project owners.
Since each project has its own different budget, we can only tell you the flow summary of the projects.

Refunds are offered for all travel, which will be paid for at the final stage by the organizers of the project in question.

For example, if you decide to go to the project country 2 days early, keep in mind that you will have to pay everything at your own expense until the project starts and you follow the normal course of activities at the designated accommodation. The same applies if you decide to leave the project after 2 days.

You usually have to be there from day 1 to the last day and follow all activities (except in some cases such as sudden illnesses) to receive the refund.

You'll just need to pay for your trip in advance; hotels, food and occasional trips while on the project will already be fully covered.

Is there an age limit for the projects?

These projects see people of many different ages, but usually the main range goes from 18-30 years old men and women.

But being over 30 doesn't mean you can't participate in projects.
There are age restrictions in the infopacks throughout the Projects offered and age restrictions for the group leaders.

How to get a refund?

In order to refund a purchase you've made for store products sold on this platform, you need to send an email, from the same email account you're using on the platform that has also made the purchase, to "support@finderasmus.com" within 24 hours from the purchase. The refund can only be issued in case (and when):

– The phyisical product is defective;
– The physical product is not defective, but is returned in perfect conditions.

Instructions on how and where to ship back the product will be given after contacting our support email. The object of the email needs to be "Refund Request". The eligibility of the refund will be treated in accordance with EU's regulations.

Subscription plans can be cancelled anytime. From that moment on, the subscription ends immediately, together with all of its perks and premium features, and no further charges will be applied. In case you haven't benefited from any of the features provided by such subscription, only the most recent payment can potentially be reimbursed, by contacting our support email. The object of the email needs to be "Subscription Cancellation Request". The eligibility of the refund will be treated in accordance with EU's regulations.

Visit this page for details about refunds.

Version 1.2 – updated 10/07 2023