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Become a polyglot for better future

With this project we would like to send the message to the youngsters that by becoming polyglots, they will be in position easy to overcome every economical obstacle. It doesn’t matter the social background or the current situation, being a polyglot is a power that opens every door for you. General speaking, being a polyglot brings an opportunity for a better and more fulfilled life. The question of how many languages is important for youngsters to learn depends of the individual, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. You can never know when the next opportunity will come along. If someone is not prepared, he/she is running the risk of being left behind or losing valuable opportunities. It is a wide spread myth that learning new languages it is complicated and difficult thing to do. Who can apply? We are searching for 5 participants + 1 Team Leader from each out of four countries (Poland, N.Macedonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Malta). The only requirements we have are: - 18-30 years old (TL can be 18+) - good knowledge of English.

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