Erasmus+ in Caribbean!

From October 23 to 30, the Erasmus+ youth exchange project "See - Feel - Experience" took place in Sint Maarten, implemented by the Caribbean Education and Culture Foundation and the NGO Youth for City - City for Youth (LV).

The project "See - Feel - Experience" is about how young persons see and feel the world in order to help them fit into it and not be isolated. Art is a wonderful language in which to express this vision, because it is accessible and possible for everyone and allows you to express everyones feelings and vision.
In the activities and workshops held during the Erasmus+ youth exchange project "See - Feel - Experience", young people from Latvia and Sint Maarten discussed emotions, learned to define them, and also got to know themselves and each other. The participants of the project, using photography as a creative method of self-expression, reflected the explored emotions and how they perceive them. This process taught young people to talk and explain their feelings.

At the end of the project, an exhibition of creative works was held, where the best photographs taken by young people during the project were shown, as well as the emotions that were discussed during the project. All project activities reflected how important it is for young people to talk about their feelings, emotions, how important it is to share them in order to get to know themselves better.

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The Advance Planning Visit of our approved Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “The Climate Is Changing, So Should We!” has been carried out with the partners involving from Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Workshops and group meetings were held in order to discuss the activity schedule of the youth exchange, the specific needs of participants and contribution of each partner in the project activities and dissemination activities. While choosing our working methods, we have mainly focused on simulation real-life processes and situations connected with the social exclusion problem.

The aim of the activities is to develop our topic and realize our objectives through gaining experience and finding out the participants own attitudes.
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