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Social Psychology

🗺️Location: Ankara, Turkey 📅Dates: 22-29 MAY 2024 🆎Type: Youth Exchange 👋Participants: 6+1 from Hungary🇭🇺 (Other countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, and Portugal) 🎯Summary: Compulsive hoarding disorder, also known as hoarding disorder or compulsive hoarding disease, can be defined as people keeping, hoarding or not throwing away almost every item that is worthless, unused and creates an unhealthy environment. In compulsive hoarding, the things that are kept or accumulated are often meaningless and are collected in a very disorganized way. At this point, it can be said that these items that are collected, stored or not thrown away create a messy, dirty and rather neglected appearance. There are ways to get rid of compulsive hoarding. However, the efforts of the person or those around them are not enough to get rid of this disease. Compulsive hoarding disease, which develops in individuals, can affect the life of the person, as well as the life of his family and other people living with this person. For this reason, we aim to raise awareness about this issue by implementing our project. Our Goals: 1-Contributing to the creation of intercultural dialog between individuals, 2-To support people to raise awareness on the principle of lifelong learning, 3-Supporting the development of self-confidence of young people by increasing their creativity, 4-Encouraging volunteerism among young people, contributing to the cooperation of people in social solidarity, 5-To ensure the social inclusion of all young people, taking into account European values, and to encourage young people to become aware of this. 6-To involve young people in the Erasmus Plus program and facilitate their access to rights and contribute to their knowledge about Erasmus Plus. Remember to bring with you the comfortable shoes because we could have the chance to participate in horse riding sessions and a possibility of organized outdoor city tour and “party” in the center of Ankara. 🏨Accommodation: Hara Ankara. Yenikent Çıkışı, Ayaş İstikameti Yenikent / Sincan / Ankara. 🌯Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, along with coffee breaks. 🧳Travel: Travel expenses from Hungary to Turkey and return will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 275 EUR (standard). 📖Application: PM Us: 1. Write "Ankara 22-29 May" as the title. 2. Name, age, gender, nationality, and city of residence. 3. Phone number and email address. 4. Previous experience in Erasmus+ projects. 5. Motivation and expectation(s). 6. How did you find this opportunity? 7. Are you applying with someone? (friend, partner, etc.) *Incomplete applications will be rejected.

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