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Green Energy, Sustainable Living

🗺️Location: Izmir, Turkey 📅Dates: 20-27 MAY 2024 🆎Type: Youth Exchange 👋Participants: 7+1 from Hungary🇭🇺 (Other countries: Turkey, Poland, Italy, and Portugal) 🎯Summary: * To learn about the concept of socialization, * Gaining awareness about the phenomenon of individuation, * To reveal the equivalent of these concepts in their daily lives, to develop their social aspects, and to adapt to social issues, * To learn about the concept of Cittaslow, * Developing awareness by establishing a connection between the concept of Cittaslow and socialization, * To apply the knowledge and experience gained in the project in their daily lives. * To support their cultural development by coming together with people from different cultures. * To develop language skills by communicating in English throughout the project. * To acquire communication competencies, to acquire social and cultural competencies. * To take part in social dialogue processes by communicating with institutions. * To raise awareness about global issues. * To gain awareness on issues such as evaluation, analysis, discussion, idea generation, etc., developing creative thinking competence. * To get rid of prejudices and gain awareness of combating discriminatory attitudes. 🌯Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, along with coffee breaks. 🧳Travel: Travel expenses from Hungary to Turkey and return will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 320 EUR (standard). 📖Application: PM Us: 1. Write "Izmir" as the title. 2. Name, age, gender, nationality, and city of residence. 3. Phone number and email address. 4. Previous experience in Erasmus+ projects. 5. Motivation and expectation(s). 6. How did you find this opportunity? 7. Are you applying with someone? (friend, partner, etc.) *Incomplete applications will be rejected.

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