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!f there are bees, there is a future!

­čŚ║´ŞĆLocation: Ordu, Turkey ­čôůDates: 21-28 MAY 2024 ­čĹőParticipants: 4+1 from Hungary­čçş­čç║ (Other countries: Turkey, Poland, Italy, Romania, Spain, and Greece) ­čÄ»Summary: Bees are responsible for the hereditary continuity of 80% of flowering plants and 1 in 3 of our food sources. Considering that even a single colony of bees pollinates 300 million flowers in a single day and that these tiny beings contribute 200 billion dollars annually to global agriculture and the world economy, we can better understand the importance of bees. Environmental projects, studies and activities are being carried out all over the world. However, projects that deal with the destruction of the ecological balance in a way that the extinction of bees will reveal in the balance of nature are very limited. The subject is very important for the protection of the environment and the future of living things within the scope of the continuity of the ecological cycle. Project Goals: -To develop individual and social awareness for the protection of the environment, -To raise awareness of the target audience about the concepts of ecological cycle and balance, -To raise awareness about the characteristics of bees, their role and importance in nature, -To examine the reasons for the extinction of bees and the effect of this extinction on ecological balance, -To increase the presence of voluntary activities based on the protection of the bee race in order to preserve the ecological balance, -To raise awareness on combating gender and opportunity inequality. ­čî»Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, along with coffee breaks. ­čž│Travel: Travel expenses from Hungary to Turkey and return will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 320 EUR (standard). ­čôľApplication: PM Us: 1. Write "Ordu" as the title. 2. Name, age, gender, nationality, and city of residence. 3. Phone number and email address. 4. Previous experience in Erasmus+ projects. 5. Motivation and expectation(s). 6. How did you find this opportunity? 7. Are you applying with someone? (friend, partner, etc.) *Incomplete applications will be rejected.

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