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Erasmus+ Youth Exchange | 15-29 July 2024 | Marsaxlokk, Malta ??

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange | 15-29 July 2024 | Marsaxlokk, Malta 🇲🇹 Age: 15-25, leadsr: 25+ Working language: English Description: Being able to maintain a positive relationship with your mental and physical health is crucial to achieving overall wellbeing. In particular this can come from living a balanced life, including a healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of sleep. Make sure you are grateful for the positive aspects of your life but deal with the negative ones too, and aim to have as positive an outlook as you can. So we plan to have an International European Youth Exchange in Malta with Hungary, Belgium, and Netherlands. The successive crises (energy crisis, geopolitical conflicts, refugee mobility, etc.) since COVID-19 have unfortunately had a major impact on European youth, thus creating a state of anxiety which has led to school, sporting and cultural dropouts, but also to withdrawal leading to a lack of positive projection for young people towards their future. The well-being of the youth is a very great concern for all of us. The importance of feeling well in our spirit, mind and body is important to have a balanced life. For centuries, there has been great debate over just how connected the mind and body are ? They have often been referred to as one entity, but now it is much clearer that they are two separate things that are simply closely linked. This means that looking after one can influence the other, and if one struggles then you may find so does the other. Number of participants from Hungary: 15 *ONLY for people from Hungary with a valid Hungarian national ID, passport, or residence permit. ​Costs: Travel expenses from Hungary to Malta and return will be reimbursed up to max. 275 EUR. ​Accommodation: Marsaxlokk Youth Centre Meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided along with coffee breaks. Travel: Arrival/departure dates can be a maximum of two before or to/after the start of the project. Accommodation and meals on extra days at your own expense. Apply at:

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