Gönüllü olmak kadar gönüllülük sürecinde yıpranmadan, aynı enerjiyle çalışmalara devam etmek de önemli. Peki ya sizce kesintisiz gönüllülük mümkün müdür? Kesintisiz gönüllülük (non-stop volunteering) konusunda yeni yayımladığımız blog yazısı belki sizi aydınlatabilir.

Being a volunteer is important, but equally crucial is to continue working with the same energy throughout the volunteering process without getting worn out. Do you think uninterrupted volunteering is possible? Our newly published blog post on non-stop volunteering might enlighten you on this matter.




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Quality in Social Responsibility Association, from İzmir/Turkey, founded in 2018. We have a strong team which is experienced in implementing projects, selecting participants, ensuring effective communication as well as disseminating/exploitation the project results to various people and organizations.

We work on;

The quality of project implementation, quality in project dissemination, quality certificate, recognition, standardization, assessment, and evaluation of social responsibility projects,
Organizing for civil society in times of crisis
Project Management, project impact assessment,
Innovative methods and approaches in non-formal education and Gamification
Social entrepreneurship/entrepreneurship,
Orphanage systems and Orphanaphobia (the fear, hatred of, or prejudice against children who grow up at orphanages),
(Social) inclusion (people with fewer opportunities; minorities, refugees, etc.) and Inclusion Strategy for CSOs,