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Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Entrepreneurship Marathon"

Dates: 4-11 February 2024

Place: Höxter, Germany

Age: 18-28, leader: 28+

Working language: English

Due to the atrophy of entrepreneurship in today's youth, activities will be carried out to identify the obstacles to entrepreneurship that will enable young people to lead a more active life in the future, to cope with these obstacles and thus to increase the entrepreneurial spirit of young people. Unemployment is one of the most important problems of young people both in our country and worldwide. According to the research data conducted by Statista on European countries, the youth unemployment rate has reached 20.4 percent. It is an undeniable fact that unemployment reaching these levels is a common problem of all countries and the most effective solution to this problem is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial activities are indispensable for the economies of all countries.

​Costs: Travel expenses from Bulgaria to Höxter and return will be reimbursed up to max. 275 EUR.

No. of participants: 49 total, 7 from Bulgaria

​Accommodation: Gruppenherberge Höxter. (https://maps.app.goo.gl/p7fcYUQqWotCv9sw5)

Meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided along with coffee breaks.

Travel: Arrival/departure dates should be a maximum of two days prior to/after the start of the project at your own expense.

Airports: 70 km to Hannover; 70 km to Paderborn; 55 km to Kassel; 96 km to Dortmund; 240 km to Düsseldorf, Köln and Frankfurt; 250 km Hamburg

To apply: message your answers for the following questions:
1. Name, age, gender, nationality, and city of residence
2. Previous experience in Erasmus+ projects
3. Your motivation & expectation(s)?
4. Write "Höxter" in the message.
*If any of the above answers are missing than your application will not get evaluated so carefully check the questions before messaging us.
*ONLY for people from Bulgaria with a valid Bulgarian national ID, passport, or residence permit.


Erasmus+🇪🇺 Project :Youth Exchange
☎Open call for participants Resident/passport holders from
Germany🇩🇪, Turkey🇹🇷 , Spain🇪🇸 , Albania🇦🇱 , Montenegro🇲🇪 , Slovakia🇸🇰, Greece🇬🇷, Poland 🇵🇱

Turkey: Team is full
Albania: Team is full
Poland: Team is full

🫵 Open To all interested individuals, Trainers, Previous volunteers, youth leaders, youth workers, all is welcome +18

👽4 Participants 18-29 Years old AND 1 youth leader ☄ no age Limit

💆‍♂ Europe Leads Towards Diversity

✈ 09 February -18 February 2024 / Bonn-Germany

Youth exchange brining participants from various backgrounds, cultures and countries🌍 to discuss ,exchange, raise awareness related to the fighting discrimination, knowing major stations in Eu Laws and the effective use of non formal education to realise these goals.
Workshops 🚧, energisers ⚡, ,formal and informal time to share, , next to intercultural nights and free time are among the various parts of the projects where everyone find a place to fit and interact, having debates, interactions and developing competences also present in this project that will end with a YOUTHPASS ceremony to highlight all these outputs.

Accommodation, Travel, Reimbursement, Contact details:Check info-Pack


Application Form :

⌛Deadline: 15 January 2024-11:30 Pm

Europe Leads Towards Diversity Youth Exchange Bonn, Germany.pdf - Google Drive

🆕 NEW CES VOLUNTEER OFFER IN Monesiglio, Piedmont, Italy 🇮🇹 🆕
👥 Offer for residents in Spain 🇪🇸
👫 Age 18-30
📍Volunteer for 8 months
⏳ Registration deadline: NOW
🧐 Topic: Local activities and environmental actions.
👉📧 WRITE TO US at hello@youthbcn.com , and we will send you more information and the next steps to participate in this opportunity.

Call For Spain Italy Lithuania Poland Romania Participants

"Stronger Together", Training Course

🔉CALL for participants from Romania, Spain, Italy, Poland and Lithuania!
"Stronger Together", Training Course
📍Where? - Snagov , Romania
⏰ When? - 11-18 March 2024
🪢 For who? - Youth workers, NGOs members, anyone with interest in the topic
🌎 Fully funded by European Union
*No participation fee*
Info-pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vr8w3vAe2ehFe0dTM92drHq5PaXjoNyX/view?usp=sharing
Apply here: https://forms.gle/wTWeyJA2GTdoQDQB8
Application deadline: 11th of February, 2024

Training and Networking






Participating Countries

Spain Italy Lithuania Poland Romania


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Hello everyone,

Call for URGENT Partners for Youth Exchange (KA152) Bulgaria 🇧🇬 Hungary🇭🇺

📍 Where: 🇹🇷 Turkiye!
📌 What is topic of the project ?

Dear potential partners;
We are looking for partnerships that interested about our great Project (Erasmus+ 2024 KA152) “Speak Youth to Power” titled
📌 Topic: "To equip young individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to actively engage as citizens, participate in decision-making processes within their countries, and influence choices that mold their future."

📌 Topic: Active Citizenship, youth empowerment, decision making, voting

🚫 Searching partners from; ONLY programme countries.
👤 Participant number; 5+1 participants from each country (6 Country)
👥 Age: we're looking 18-30 ages.
-High Motivation towards the project
-Interest in active citizenship, decision making process

📮Please contact and send your PIF via mail : yobbassociation@gmail.com

Call For Germany Participants

Call for Applicants International Method Training

Call for Applicants International Method Training
Impulse Boost Camp 2024
// 27 April - 5 May 2024 in Kriebitzsch, Germany //

Apply by 26 December at https://www.ifzw-impulsstiftung.de/ibc2024/
Questions around accessibility? Contact ibc@ifzw-impulsstiftung.de

Youth Exchanges






Participating Countries



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More Details and Apply here https://europingram.com/poland....-leszno-4-weeks-volu


More Details and Apply here https://europingram.com/german....y-lubeck-long-term-v


Kultur & Art Initiative Detmold is looking for ESC volunteers with diverse skills, including proficiency in digital areas such as graphic design, website design, and social media, as well as advanced communication skills for a 6-month program in Detmold Germany. For more information please check out infopack. https://ugc.production.linktr.....ee/92e1cd26-df35-49b